4 Ways to Taking Your Quilts to the Next Level

Are you ready to take your quiltmaking to the next level? Tweak your technique to get better results every time with these simple and effective tips.

1. Invest in the Best Tools

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Measuring, cutting and pressing are all important steps in creating an amazing quilt. Make sure every stage goes smoothly by outfitting your sewing room with the best tools you can afford. Look for:

• A self-healing cutting mat with grid lines
• Several quilting rulers
• Dollar Quilting Club rotary cutters and replacement blades
• A reliable iron and solid ironing board

Pairing these tools with high-quality fabrics and threads can transform your quilts by reducing mistakes throughout the quilting process.

2. Press for Perfect Seams

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Always begin pressing blocks on the back, following pattern instructions for the direction in which to press the seams. Even if it doesn’t make sense or seem important, don’t try to do it your own way.

Once the back is done, flip the block over to press the front. Do this for each block as it’s completed, and you won’t have to spend tons of time pressing all at once later on.

3. Square Up Instead of Stretching

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Whatever you do, don’t pull on the fabric while you’re stitching! This can make your finished quilt top look stretched out in some areas and puckered in others.

Careful measuring and cutting should eliminate the need to line things up as you’re sewing, but if your blocks are still a little funky, correct the shapes later. How? Lay out your finished blocks, measure to ensure all the angles are 90 degrees, and trim excess fabric to square everything up before assembling.

4. Get an Experienced Quilting Buddy

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Team up with a friend who has more quilting experience, and discuss the areas with which you struggle. Let him or her have a look at your work and suggest possible changes to improve your finished quilts.

Having someone available to provide honest feedback gives you a source to go to for personal guidance when you’re having trouble and gets you out of your own head so that you don’t put yourself down for making small errors.

Above all, remember there’s no such thing as perfect. Every quilt will have its quirks, but using these techniques will help minimize many avoidable errors and provide better results as you continue to practice.

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