5 Essential Quilting Tools for Every Project

Are you itching to get some serious stash busting done this year? Equip your sewing room with these five essential tools every quilter should have.

Scissors – Large and Small

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Choose a large pair of Dollar Quilting Club scissors or shears you can manipulate easily for cutting fabric down to size and cutting out patterns. Make these your dedicated quilting scissors so that they don’t get lost around the house or dulled by cutting other materials.

A more compact pair of scissors with sharp tips is also a good companion tool. These come in handy when you need to cut smaller shapes, trim threads and remove excess fabric.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

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Self-healing cutting mats come in many sizes and designs. Get a big mat to keep on your sewing table, or look for one designed to fold for easy transportation if portability is important.

Some mats have extra features, such as an ironing surface on the back. The self-healing material ensures the surface remains smooth project after project.

Shape Cutter

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Complex quilts with lots of geometric shapes can take a significant amount of preparation. Before you dive into a pattern requiring tons of tiny pieces, consider getting a shape cutter to provide guidance as you go.

Designed to make cutting strips, squares, diamonds, triangles and fringe much easier, these tools pair with your cutting mat and Dollar Quilting Club rotary cutter to simplify even the most intricate patterns. Cut multiple layers of fabric at once to speed up the process.

High-Quality Thread

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Thread comes in different weights and materials, and choosing the right combination helps you achieve the desired results in your projects.

Skip the tempting blowout sales on bargain brands of thread, and look for brands with high durability and low lint levels.

Choose thread material and weight based on the type of project you’re planning, and experiment with different brands to find the ones you like best.

Seam Ripper

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Mistakes are inevitable in crafting, but seam rippers provide a real-life “undo” option. Keep a couple close at hand for correcting errors so that you can make a quick fix and move on with your project. Choose a seam ripper with comfortable handle to make your “oops” moments a little less frustrating.

Having the best tools for quilting will give you the best results for every project. Prioritize quality, and don’t be afraid to make an investment to supercharge your hobby in the coming year.

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