What is Dollar Quilting Club?

Dollar Quilting Club is a subscription box filled with premium rotary blades and other crafting goodies, delivered right to the doorstep of quilters!

The idea for the company came to life when the founders learned that some quilters had to drive over 30 minutes just to buy their quilting supplies. Due to this inconvenience many quilters were making do with dull blades and other worn out quilting supplies simply because it was too far to pick up new ones on a frequent enough basis.

Our Founders

Because Dollar Quilting Club’s founders work for Mundial, a company with over 90 years of experience making knives, scissors and other sharp cutting products, they knew the importance of a good quality rotary blade. A sharp blade makes cutting fabric easier, more efficient and less painful on the hands.

The team here at Dollar Quilting Club is obsessed with delivering only the highest quality rotary blades that deliver edge sharpness and ease of use for both professional and casual quilters.

Exclusive Member Benefits

All Dollar Quilting Club members enjoy the convenience of having sharp rotary blades delivered, and 25% off on pricing for all quilting supplies in the store — from rulers to scissors to clips and more.

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