DIY Projects for Making Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table Memorable

You put a lot of work into serving the perfect Thanksgiving feast every year, so it only makes sense to create a beautiful backdrop for all your hard work.

Add these DIY projects to your table for a memorable holiday spread.

Shining Maize Vase

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Transform a simple vase and a few cobs of dry corn into a sparkling centerpiece with some metallic paint and seasonal flowers.

Paint each corn cob the same color, or alternate between colors to create a pattern. Glue the cobs to the vase, add some floral foam and make an arrangement of autumn flowers to brighten up the table.

This is an especially welcome decoration if you live in a climate where snow is already on the ground on Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Candles

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Who needs pricey pumpkin spice lattes when you can make you own scented table décor? All it takes is a bag of coffee beans, a set of pumpkin spice candles and some heat-safe glass vases or votive holders.

Fill each container partway with coffee beans, and secure a candle in the middle. Tie some raffia around the outside for an attractive finishing touch.

You can place the candles individually along the table or arrange them in a shallow pan as a centerpiece.

Chill Out Pumpkin Cooler

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Keep the chilled beverages flowing with a cooler made from everyone’s seasonal favorite. Get the biggest pumpkin you can find, and chop off the top to create a wide “bowl.”

Scoop out the seeds, and save them to roast later. Line the empty pumpkin with a bowl or bag, fill the space with ice and arrange everyone’s favorite drinks inside. When the holiday is over, you can roast the pumpkin flesh for use in soups or stews.

A Cozy Quilt for Your After-Dinner Nap

Taking a nap after Thanksgiving dinner is practically inevitable. You’ve spent the whole day preparing, eating and socializing, and your body is ready for a break.

Make sure you have a way to wrap up warm with a beautiful quilt.

Whether you work on these projects by yourself or with your family, it’s fun to add a personal touch to the Thanksgiving table. Choose your favorites, and enjoy a cozy and crafty holiday.

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