Get Your Next Quilt Done in a Flash with These Time-Saving Tips

Have you ever found yourself in a time crunch on Christmas Eve or the night before someone’s birthday, feverishly trying to finish the quilt you thought would be done two weeks ago? Make these tweaks to your sewing routine to free yourself from the last-minute frenzy.

Arrange Your Sewing Room for Efficiency

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Begin each project by putting your quilting space in order, whether it’s a full room or a cozy nook. Make your sewing machine, cutting surface and tools easily accessible, and create a logical storage system for fabrics, thread, and notions.

Invest as much time as is necessary to reduce clutter and maximize efficiency as you move from one step to another.

Spruce Up Your Tools

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Nothing slows you down like fighting with a dull rotary cutter or stopping to hunt for a new sewing machine needle. Start with sharp tools, and keep new needles close at hand.

Oil and clean the sewing machine regularly so that it’s always ready to go. Inspect tools and notions for damage, and replace broken items. If you don’t have self-healing cutting mats, take the opportunity to upgrade, and choose mats with clear, well-defined measurements printed on the surface.

Minimize the Steps Required

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Look for fabric collections appropriate for your projects to reduce the amount of time spent choosing colors, and opt for pre-cut fabric if you’re really tight on time. Consider using one neutral shade of thread to go with everything, and pre-wind all your bobbins before getting started.

To make the whole process go faster, break it down into chunks, such as cutting all the pieces first, stitching them together and creating blocks before assembling the full quilt top.

Break Up with Your Type A Personality

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Perfectionism is the enemy of quilting efficiency. Small mistakes with no impact on the final shape or appearance of the quilt can be left alone, even if your inner “type A” is screaming at you to rip everything out and correct the problem.

Save the backtracking for errors with the potential to throw off the pattern. Consider everything else part of the personality of the quilt, and appreciate the unique results.

Finishing your next quilt with time to spare gives you room to breathe before starting another project. Use the time you save to pursue other hobbies, or get going on patterns you’ve been eyeing but never had a chance to try.

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