How to Keep Your Quilt Kit Organized

Did your quilting supplies get into a hopeless mess last year? Whip your quilt kit and sewing room into shape with these handy organization tips.

Invest in Craft Storage

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Your local craft store has tons of bins, boxes and baskets perfect for putting your quilting supplies in order.

Sort your thread into clear containers with divided compartments, and use small, flat bins for notions like fabric cutters and shears. Clear glass jars are great for small items you tend to lose, such as basting pins and binding clips. For fabric, try baskets with sturdy handles and a spot on the front for a label.

If your preferred style of basket doesn’t have a label, a gift tag tied around the handle makes a suitable substitute.

Tame Your Fabric Stash

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Prevent your fabric from taking over the house with a simple collection of flat storage boxes or a basic slim shelf.

Organize large pieces and scraps by color, pattern, project or whatever criteria makes sense to you. Label your bins or shelves, and stick with your system so that your stash behaves itself even when you’re in the middle of a creative frenzy.

Plan (and Cut) Ahead

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How many times do you stop during a project to cut more blocks or strips? This year, try cutting everything you need at the outset of the project, and organize the pieces into plastic bags labeled according to their use in the pattern.

By having all pieces close at hand, you can enjoy uninterrupted stretches of sewing and get more done without distractions.

Get the Right Project Bag

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Traveling can make a mess of your quilting projects unless you have a good project bag.

Look for a quilter’s travel case with separate compartments for fabric, notions and other necessities. The best bags have plenty of storage packed into slim designs and can be carried with handles or slung over your shoulder. Look for a size appropriate for the type of trip you take most, such as a carry-on for air travel or something easy to stow in the trunk if you like road trips.

Taming the clutter in your sewing room and getting your quilt kit in order might be a tedious process, but you’ll be glad you tackled the mess. Now you can get to quilting in 2019 without wasting half your time wading through clutter to find supplies.

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