Simple Grids to Inspire Your Quilting in 2019

The new year is a perfect excuse to get started with new quilting projects, and you don’t have to choose anything complicated to achieve beautiful results. These simple grids are just what you need to jump-start your imagination.

Back to Basic Squares

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You don’t have to be a beginner to enjoy the basic elegance of square grids.

Adding squares to your quilt top emphasizes strong, straight lines and is a great way to make the patterns on fabrics stand out.

Try squares when you’re using bold fabrics with a lot of color or repeating motifs. Squares are also a good grid of choice for highlighting free-form quilting designs and making the whole quilt look neat and even.

Dazzling Diamonds

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When your goal is something simple and elegant, a diamond grid is a great way to add some “pop” to your quilt top.

This type of grid draws the eye to the points of the diamonds, creating a classic look perfect for use on brightly or deeply colored solid fabrics. Use a quilting stencil to achieve equal sides and uniform sizes.

Tantalizing Triangles

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Triangles offer triple the inspiration because of the multiple forms from which you can choose. Equal sides make equilateral triangles. Right angles create right triangles, and slicing diamonds in half using straight lines creates isosceles triangles.

You can use these patterns to finish off a quilt top or to make unique squares featuring two colors or styles of fabric.

The two-color method is perfect for using the scraps you’ve accumulated during the year so that you can free up more space for new fabric in 2019.

Graph Paper: Capture Your Imagination

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If these grid patterns begin to inspire you, or if the idea for your next quilt is already bouncing around in your head, grab some graph paper to sketch it out.

Start by drawing your own grid form as a base, using a squares-to-inches ratio you can convert to fabric measurements later. Color in the grid with the design you’ve envisioned, and divide it into blocks or squares using heavier lines.

Add the desired border, and start doing the math to turn the drawing into a reality.

Grids can act as the foundations for fun new designs or add elegant finishing touches to completed quilts. Use these basics as a starting point, and branch out into fresh creative territory as 2019 progresses.

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