Staying Motivated When You’re Overwhelmed by a Huge Quilting Project

Have you ever suddenly had the urge to abandon a huge quilt right in the middle of the project? The next time you’re tempted to give up and stuff the whole thing in the back of the closet, try one of these tricks to renew your motivation.

Pretend It’s a Puzzle

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When you feel like you’re slogging through one block after another and not getting anywhere, stop and lay out what you already have as if you were going to piece the quilt together.

This is a great way to visualize your progress and give yourself a better idea of how the finished project will look. Watching the pattern emerge can excite you to move on and finish the next part.

Switch Up Your Techniques

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Is there a technique or tool you’ve been itching to try but haven’t yet used? Make it part of your next big project.

Trying something new on a large quilt gives you plenty of time to practice and provides the repetition necessary to become comfortable using it in future projects. This can be especially helpful if you’re new to quilting and are ready to start moving beyond the basics.

Waste Some Time on Facebook

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Believe it or not, taking a break from sewing to poke around quilting groups on social media can actually help you finish a big project faster.

It gets you away from the sewing room and into an online community of other creative people who are working on a variety of inspiring projects. Looking at their progress and reading about their challenges can spark you to dive back into quilting with renewed dedication.

Reward Yourself

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As you sew, is your mind wandering to the movie you’ve been meaning to watch or the book you’ve had a hard time putting down? Try breaking your project up into a series of smaller goals, and reward yourself with some time spent on other hobbies each time you meet one.

Watching movies, reading books or doing something else you enjoy refreshes your mind and gets you ready to tackle the next phase of the project.

Every quilter faces a loss of motivation now and then, but it doesn’t have to suck the joy out of your hobby. Find the best way to keep yourself going, and emerge from your slump with a beautiful finished project.

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