Why You Should Always Quilt with Sharp Rotary Cutter Blades

Have you been struggling with slicing through fabric recently? If so, a dull blade may be to blame. Find out how sharp blades can help you achieve the best results for your next quilting project!

Accuracy and Speed

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Even a slightly dull rotary blade can be a literal drag, and you’ll notice it right away. Not only is this annoying, but it also has the potential to ruin your quilt. Cuts need to be clean and even for blocks to look right when assembled, and dull blades make it much harder to achieve a crisp appearance.

It also takes a whole lot longer to make a quilt when you have to make multiple passes with the rotary cutter while getting your other pieces ready. A sharp blade lets you breeze through projects and see the finished quilt sooner.

Longer-Lasting Cutting Mat

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Using a mat meant specifically for quilting helps rotary blades stay sharp longer, and maintaining sharp blades prolongs the life of your mat. It’s a win-win situation!.

You may find that you spend less if you purchase a high-quality mat at the outset instead of grabbing a bargain option that might need to be replaced multiple times.

Personal Safety

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It’s important to remember even crafting tools can be dangerous. Think about what it’s like to try to prepare food with a dull knife. You run the same risk of slipping and cutting yourself if you use a dull rotary blade.

Neglecting to keep blades sharp also means you have to push down harder to cut fabric, especially when cutting layers. This puts unnecessary pressure on your hand, which can become painful over time.

Change and Sharpen Regularly for Best Results

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If you find yourself having to replace dull blades frequently, Dollar Quilting Club can help! When you become a member, you’ll receive a rotary handle of your choice, two high-quality rotary blades, and one quilting notion delivered right to your door. You’ll then automatically receive replacement blades (and a new surprise) every three months! Learn more about Dollar Quilting Club today!

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